John Muir

Finding the Hidden Order

We are part of a dynamic, ever-changing universe of continuous movement - ebbs and flows, turbulence and calm, certain and the unforeseeable.  

A planet built on cycles, deep patterns, governing principles and organized randomness.

Do we use our energy to grasp and hold tight to the illusion of permanence, or can we let go, and find flow in the chaos?

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Flow & Chaos bridges the ever-widening gap between humans and the natural world.  

We are a part of nature. We, humans are nature!  So why shouldn't our built environments reflect this ancient, and often forgotten connection? 

Flow & Chaos is dedicated to bringing homo sapiens closer to the Earth through design, our species' most powerful invention yet.  Championing emerging technologies and material innovations, our products meet the highest level of sustainability metrics, while adhering to our own ethical standards: 

  • Use materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or can be repurposed
  • Are made using low-energy production processes
  • Sourcing and production are as local as possible  
  • Minimal printing and packaging
  • Meet a need. The planet is full, no more useless crap!
  • Craftsman are paid a living wage


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